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    The (Almost) Endless Summer

Welcome to Camp STEM+

Home of the RedHawk Romantics

AY 2020-2021

It’s Never Too Early to Start Leading...

We here at Camp STEM+ have a theory:

Learning should be fun or learning should be purpose-driven.

If it is not, then we are wasting precious time. 


Is there a way to make it fun?

Is there a method to communicate purpose?

"I think, therefore..."

Who was Plato?

What's a PhD?

Do I need one?

Everyone has to eat.

How do I make my own food?

How do others make food?

Can I find it?

The devil is in the layers.

Did they really mean that?

Is there more to it?

Can I be more specific?

The wheel is a pretty cool design.

Why reinvent it?

Does anyone own "the wheel?"

Is there a better version?

From the Latin word for knowledge.

How do we get knowledge?

Are there objective truths?

Does Science explain everything?

Engineers are problem solvers.

What are today's biggest problems?

Do I need to go to school to be one?

What disciplines do I need to study?

"Art imitates life..."

What makes art popular?

Where can I find it?

Can I be an artist?

The organization of sound for entertainment.

How has music evolved over time?

Is pitch perfect always perfect?

Which generation's music is best?

(Good luck, Boomers)




"What's in a name?"

Camp Highlights

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

What if a picture/video could create a thousand smiles?

Or a thousand tears?

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